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Protect and Maintain the Structural Integrity of your Vehicle

Corrosion FREE is a clean, clear, drip-free lubricant gel. It will never crack or peel. It is especially formulated for today’s better built vehicles. It protects all metals, not just steel. For older vehicles, it releases cleaners and moisture inhibitors to penetrate and treat damaged areas establishing a basis for the Cure for Rust™. A treatment at least once every 18 months is the best protection you can give your vehicle.

The ‘UnderBody’ Rust Cure

      • Unibody or solid frame
      • Fuel Tank
      • Fuel & brake lines
      • Parking brake cables
      • Wheel Wells

    18 Months of Protection

    The ‘Essentials’ Rust Cure

        • All the items included in the “UnderBody’ Package
      • PLUS
        • Door Bottom Seams
        • Hood
        • Trunk Lids and Tailgate Doors

      18 Months of Protection

      The ‘Complete’ Rust Cure

      The industry’s most thorough and complete treatment. It even protects items the manufacturere refuses to warrant*. All items included in the ‘UnderBody’ and ‘Essentials’ Packages.

        • All body panels
        • Floor Pan
        • Power Windows
        • Power Door Locks
        • Hinges

      18 Months of Protection

        • Electric Regulators
        • Radio Antennas
        • & specific treatment of surface rust


      We have been car collectors and classic car enthusiasts for over 45 years. We were well aware of the issues with rustproofing – it was either a hard coating that trapped moisture against the metal creating more corrosion then applying nothing or dirty chemicals, full of solvents/VOCs dripping all over your driveway making a huge mess.


      In 1995 we founded our family business, Corrosion Free North America Inc. it was with the commitment to develop environmentally responsible solutions to help fellow car lovers like ourselves keep vehicles looking good and running better longer.  Offering the first clean, clear, no-drip solution.