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Additional Services

Vinyl wraps, headlight restoration, emblem blackout. These are just a few of the additional services that we can offer for your vehicle.

Before - Vinyl WrapBefore - Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrap

Make a statement with your vehicle. You can also protect the original paint of your vehicle while still being able to show off your ride but remove the wrap if you want to go back to the cars original color.

Headlight Restoration

Over time, your headlights can begin to oxidize and become cloudy. When this happens, your headlights become less effective which can be dangerous. Our technicians can restore your headlights back to their former glory.

Before - Headlight RestorationBefore - Headlight Restoration
Before - BlackoutBefore - Blackout

Emblem Blackout

Whether your manufacture emblem is damaged or you would just like to add some flare to your vehicle, we are able to handle the job for you.